What others are saying about us.

"It truly is one of the benefits that the members really appreciate!"

Alison Grems, IOM, President/CEO
Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce

"We consistently receive positive feedback on the publication. It’s definitely one of our most popular benefits. In addition, the BIR gives our members a venue for low-cost/high-visibility advertising."

Heidi Downer, VP Membership Services
St. Joseph Area Chamber of Commerce

"We have used the Business Intelligence Report for years. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from members. It offers information any business can use."

Lee Alexander, Communications Manager
Overland Park Chamber of Commerce

"When surveyed, [our members] indicated it was very useful and informative in helping them manage their businesses. I believe this report by itself is worth the price of our lowest annual dues. Many of our members agree that they get from 1 to 3 useful ideas from every issue read."

Jim Brody, Executive Director
Union Township Chamber of Commerce

"Every month, whether it is a phone call, a return email, a board meeting or a conversation in passing at an event, our members are enthused by the useful information in this report. Whether the businesses are small or large, 30 years old or brand new, the information in this report refers to them. The Business Intelligence Report is helping our economy by keeping businesses well informed and in tune with making good business decisions."

Michael Searcy, Director of Membership
Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce

"The Business Intelligence Report has been one of the best benefits we have offered our members. In addition to being an asset to our members, it has become a great source of non-dues revenue for us. The members love it, the sponsor is pleased with the exposure, and we get non-dues income. What a great opportunity for everyone involved."

Teresa Pearson, Membership Manager
Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce

"Our use of the Business Intelligence Report has not only raised the level of communications being sent to our members, it has, more importantly, elevated their perception of our organization by helping to solidify the chamber's value. And after 4 months, we are cash positive with sponsorship revenue! What more can I expect."

James Kirkos, President & CEO
Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce

"I wanted to let you know that the BIR is one of the most read pieces of our monthly Network and the most enjoyed by our members."

Sheila Faulkner, Program Coordinator
Albany Area Chamber of Commerce

"Our members LOVE the information!"

Laurie Rice, Executive Assistant
Perrysburg Area Chamber of Commerce

"My members simply LOVE our monthly newsletter--we get unsolicited compliments all the time. A major reason is the inclusion of the Business Intelligence Report. Chambers have to help their members with a great deal more than increasing revenue. That means we must provide more than just networking events and lunches. We have to give them information they to manage their entire income statement. The BIR is a big step in that direction."

Roger E. Breisch, Executive Director
Batavia Chamber of Commerce

"We get so many positive comments on the report every month."

Leanne Ingwersen, Director
Fruita Area Chamber of Commerce

"I did want to share with you an experience with one member just this week. I took my car in to a member business for a minor repair. The owner has been a member for three or more years and never comes to chamber events, so the only time I see him is when my car needs repair. He stopped me as I was picking up my car to tell me that he really liked the Business Intelligence Report and specifically mentioned that he felt it added value to the membership."

Don Sprigings, Executive Director
North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

"It has been a real help to me and a fine service to our members ."

Ann L. Query, President
Zeeland Chamber of Commerce